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DJ Jowell

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Hailing from the landscapes of North Carolina, BMI Affiliate Recording Artist, John Carroll, widely known under his artist name DJ Jowell, who is also the founder of elite published record label Jowell Records, has been hitting the ground running since his career manifested.


Jowell Records is an independent record label owned and operated by DJ Jowell. On June, 27 2017 the label was placed on, "The iTunes Mastering House List" now called, "Apple Digital Masters". This list allows music to be labeled as Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) with John Carroll also being the Mastering Engineer on that list for the label. This was a true honor and accomplishment for DJ Jowell. The origional purpose for the label was so that music produced by DJ Jowell could be under a legitimate recording label. It is not easy to be discovered by a "major" record label. If DJ Jowell was going to be apart of an independent record label, it mite as be one that was self-owned. Now having Sole Proprietorship and home business zoning from Johnston County, DJ Jowell can now be signed to a record label that he can be proud of. 

DJ Jowell's sound is unique, energetic, dynamic, and his insatiable passion for music has been the foundation to everything he creates. Making music began with learning how to play the guitar as a teenager. At Creswell High School in North Carolina, John Carroll was the drum major for 2 years in the high school band and took part in the high school choir. His influences range from the 80s era, EDM, and an endless amount of artists that are in the genre today. His mission is to share that passion with the world through his music, inspirations, with an infectiously solidified sound that is strictly his signature take on the genres that he boasts and combines beautifully. Being an artist is also a lifestyle for DJ Jowell; embracing endless evolution as an active artist in today's mainstream interest of music.


DJ Jowell released his debut electronic album on New Year's Day 2014, which also happens to land on his birthday January, 1 1975. This self-reflective LP was released as a celebration for both his lifelong achievements and for the positivity in what the future holds in his pursuit of passion for music. This album was published before the stage name, DJ JOWELL. The title of the album is, JOWELL. The name was created from two letters of each part of his full legal name. "John Wesley Carroll Jr". The "Jr" stands for Jowell Records. The Electronic/EDM & 80s influenced album garnered DJ Jowell positive reception and critical acclaim, which helped him expand his fan base relentlessly with the very powerful debut release that gave his name a buzz throughout the scene and its surroundings. The record is still available on iTunes, Amazon and in the market. The album, "JOWELL" was also released through the nationally-renowned distribution company CD Baby. DJ Jowell's loyalty still continues with this aggregator to this day.

DJ Jowell is hard at work with tricks up his sleeve for 2020. Please follow and connect with him on all social media, check out his label Jowell Records, and prepare for new music and big plans for DJ Jowell as he plans to make some serious moves in 2020 and beyond.

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