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Jowell Records is an independent record label founded on 01/07/2016 owned and operated by John Carroll, aka DJ Jowell. On June, 27 2017 the label was placed on, "The iTunes Mastering House List". This list allows music to be labeled as Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) now called, "Apple Digital Master" with John Carroll being the Mastering Engineer for the label.

Jowell Records is also a recording studio with both analog and digital recording using industry standard equipment and instruments.

The best way to contact Jowell Records is via email: or text message: (919) 464-5104.

Studio Time Price/Requirements: (Free if signed to label)  
Flat Rate $60 per/hr. (Minimum 1 Hour) $1 a minute after.

  Mixing & Mastering included in studio time.
  USB Flash Drive (With Content) included.

     Picture ID required at start of session.
     Payment due at the end of session.
     Nonpayment will result in NO USB Drive
     and banned from property.

MasterCard and VISA accepted
Cash or Card No Checks
Gift Cards Available


Jowell Records
153B Herring Rd 
Princeton NC 27569
Phone: 919.464.5104




© ℗ 2023 Jowell Records 

Artists Signed by Jowell Records

Robert Beckom

Robert Beckom North Carolina You're a Lady to Me The One Who Waits
Video Camera

Jowell Records Video Productions

Jowell Records also has a music video production company service insured for use by John Carroll in commercials and music videos. Sister company for Jowell Records Label and Jowell Records Studio/Mastering House. Owned and operated by John Carroll a.k.a. DJ JOWELL.

"Flat Rate" Services include minimal of 1080 HD quality video up to 5 minuets long for $300 and $100 each additional minute. Can be upgraded to 4K video quality for $500 up to 5 minutes long and $150 each additional minute.  

Commercial use is allowed. Ideas are welcomed but keep in mind we use a very large professional video archive and some ideas can be limited. We can record short clips live but mostly use professionally choreographed video archives from Story Blocks.

License & Insurance

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